The Walden team has had a focused presence in Israel for almost 25 years. With strong entrepreneurial spirit, world-class universities and deep pool of technical expertise, Israel provides opportunities for investments that are unique in the world. From the beginning, Israel companies must look to international markets and resources. Walden International has more than 20 years of experience in helping companies cross borders and gain traction in major markets in the Americas and Asia.

/Funding Global Innovation

Walden International has a unique integrated team, independent of geography that can bring added value to your company through capital, relationships and expertise.

We look for early or expansion stage companies that can accelerate their growth through a focused cross-border strategy across industry sectors such as Semiconductors, Clean Tech, Internet & Digital Media and Software.


Our team partners both with young companies finding their stride and established ones looking for step-function growth. These expert functions are dedicated to the success of our portfolio companies.