Founder, Chairman, & CEO, eAccess Ltd.

Sachio Semmoto

Dr. Semmoto founded eAccess Ltd in 1999. eAccess is Japan’s first true entrepreneurial and global IP/telecom company that provides high-speed broadband telecommunication services using xDSL technology. After 5 years of operation, eAccess grew to a leading broadband IP operator in Japan, and it expects to enter into the mobile broadband market in 2006. eAccess completed its Initial Public Offering at the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in October 2003 and moved to the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section (TSE1) in November 2004. This is considered to be the fastest listing in the TSE1 whose market capitalization is approximately US$1.5 billion.

Prior to eAccess, Dr. Sachio Semmoto spent 30 years in senior management positions including Nippon Telephone & Telegraph (NTT), Kyocera, and DDI Corporation (DDI) which he co-founded as an Executive Vice President in 1984. At NTT, he developed the first optical fiber system in Japan and led the development of the Information Network System, the world’s first digital service which embodied the ISDN concept. He was Japan’s official representative to the ITU on optical fiber and ISDN (1974-1980). He left NTT as a General Manager to join Kyocera Corporation as a Managing Director to co-found DDI, the first private inter-exchange carrier. He played a major role in bringing DDI up to $5 billion in sales and $630 million in profit after 7 years of operation. In 1984, Dr. Semmoto left DDI to become a professor at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University to teach in the areas of entrepreneurial management and information technology.

Although he spent most of his career in the telecommunication industry, he has also had a long history of academic involvement through extensive lecturing engagements at the world’s leading universities, including Harvard, Stanford, and Northwestern in the U.S. and the UK. He was a visiting professor at the Carnegie Mellon University and at the Haas School of Business at University of California Berkeley in 1992-1993 and 2000-2001 respectively, and he was a Visiting Research Fellow at Stanford University in 1997.

He serves the boards of high technology companies outside Japan, including Network Appliance Inc. in Silicon Valley and SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Ltd. in Hong Kong. He is a Fellow of the IEEE. He is a trustee of the Tokyo Foundation and the Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs, JASVE. Dr. Semmoto published numerous papers and books on both telecommunication technologies and high technology management.

He is a graduate of Kyoto University, Japan and received his MS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Florida.

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