Bernie Meyerson

Dr. Meyerson is the Chief Technical Officer of IBM Technology Group, which includes IBM Microelectronics Division. Dr. Meyerson joined IBM as a Research Staff member in 1980 and was later promoted to Vice President of the Communications Research and Development Center (“CRDC”). CRDC is the multinational organization encompassing IBM’s worldwide communications technology and circuit design efforts in both the Research and Microelectronics Divisions, and supporting a rapidly growing worldwide customer base. In 1992, Dr. Meyerson was designated as an IBM Fellow, which is IBM’s highest technical honor. He is also a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the IEEE. Throughout the years, Dr. Meyerson has received several awards for his works including: Materials Research Society Medal, the Electrochemical Society Electronics Division Award, 1999 IEEE Ernst Weber Award for the body of work culminating in the commercialization of Si-Ge-based communications technology, and IEEE Electron Devices Society J. J. Ebers Award. In addition, he was cited as “Inventor of the Year 1997” by the NY State Legislature, and was honored as the 1999 “United States Distinguished Inventor of the Year” by the US Patent and Trademark office.

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