Chief Innovation Officer of ION Media Networks

Dan Hsieh

Dan Hsieh is currently Chief Innovation Officer of ION Media Networks, responsible for new business development and company strategy. Formerly, he was with The Walt Disney Company, where he was a Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Business Development, and Technology. Along with his role in helping develop the long-term strategy of the company, Mr. Hsieh is responsible for developing significant new businesses that can make a tangible contribution towards meeting the company’s long-term earnings objectives. He leads a team of creative, technical, and financial professionals focused on a number of areas in technology and digital media, such as video-on-demand, datacasting, and wireless, as well as initiatives in other sectors such as travel and retail. The team is responsible for major strategic investments by Disney, as well as the creation of new business units within Disney. As examples, his team incubated new businesses such as the Disney and ESPN-branded MVNOs, MovieBeam, and the joint venture between Disney and Kuldelski Group for video-on-demand services.

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