Larry Yoshida

Larry Minoru Yoshida founded Innotech Corporation in 1987 and served as the president, CEO of Innotech Corp. for 14 years and the chairman, CEO for 4years. Innotech became a public company in 1991 which was the record fastest case in Japan. I am going to retire from the chairman, CEO position at the end of March, 2005 and sit on the Corporate Advisor of Innotech Corporation. Innotech Corporation is doing business with number of U.S. based high technology companies in the Japanese semiconductor and electronics industries as a distributor. Revenue in the last year was $400M.

Before Innotech, Larry Yoshida was working for Tokyo Electron Limited for 18years and retired from the president, CEO of Tokyo Electron Limited in 1986. He had sat on the Board Member of Tokyo Electron Limited in 1975 and invented the world first fully automated wafer prober in 1976.

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