Robert Yung

Robert joined as a Partner in Walden International in 2015. Prior to joining WI, Robert served as senior executive and investment partner in the semiconductor and telecom industries for 25 years, and a founding Partner of GSR Ventures. Robert was the Executive Vice Chairman of DJI, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of ADI, Chief Technology Officer and EVP of PMCS and Tessera, CTO for Intel Enterprise Group, Intel Communication Group, and Intel China. Robert was UltraSPAC chief architect and CTO of Sun Microsystem.
Robert was named to the National Committee of U.S.-China Relations as a Fellow during the inaugural Young Leader Forum in 2002. In 2000, he was named to the World Economic Forum's “Top 100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow,” in Davos, Switzerland. Dr. Yung served as the technology advisor and accompanied President Clinton during his State visit to China in 1998, and Vice President Gore visit to China in 1995. He also served as a member of the China Foreign Expert Group and the China National Science Foundation. Robert is the inventor of 70 issued and more than 20 pending patents.

Robert holds a BA in CS, MS and Ph.D. degree in EECS from UC Berkeley.

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