Tadao Saito

Dr. Saito is the Chief Scientist of Toyota InfoTechnology Center and the Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo. Prior to joining Toyota, Dr. Saito was the Director of IT center at the University of Tokyo where he was also a professor. In addition to the above positions, Dr. Saito is also the Chairman of Telecommunication Business Committee of the Telecommunication Council where he is responsible for regulatory policy for telecommunication business in Japan; the Japanese representative of International Federation of Information Processing Technical Committee 6; and Vice Chairman of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication of Japan (“IECEJ”). Dr. Saito is currently a Fellow of IEEE and IECEJ and has received awards from IECEJ. To date, Dr. Saito has published several books covering electronic circuitry, computer, digital communication, and multimedia. Dr. Saito received his Ph.D. in Electronics from the University of Tokyo.

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