Wenyi Zhang

Mr. Zhang is well known as an electronics industry veteran and entrepreneur for his remarkable achievements in both semiconductor and CRT areas. He began his career in the semiconductor industry by serving as Vice Chairman, and then Chairman, of Shanghai Hua Hong Group, and then Chairman of Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Ltd. with a mission to develop China's 1st 8-inch semiconductor manufacturer, in order to boost development of the nation's information industry. With his tremendous contributions, Hua Hong NEC realized hug profits of 344M RMB for its 1st whole fiscal year of operation. Mr. Zhang then successfully transformed Hua Hong NEC's business model to foundry by recruiting an international executive team to take over management. During his tenure, Hua Hong NEC's capacity increased to 80K wafers from initial 20K wafers/month, process upgraded to 0.13µ from 0.35µ but without outside financing. He also served as Chairman of Shanghai Hua Hong International Ltd. for Hua Hong's multinational and professional operation. Mr. Zhang worked for Shaanxi IRICO Color Picture Tube Plant as General Manager, and President/CEO of IRICO Group Corporation. Under his leadership, IRICO stood out among fierce competition as China's number one and the most profitable CRT manufacturer, selling to more than 10 countries worldwide.

Mr. Zhang also served as Vice Minister of the Ministry of Electronics Industry. He was in charge of the development of China's electronics devices and components. He is also responsible for the electronics industrial fund, whose mission is to fund and support new technology, and to inspire innovation.

Mr. Zhang received his BS in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing. He is now a member of the 15th National Committee of the Chinese People's political Consultative Conference.

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